The Careers Programme

students working in a lessonWe have developed an extensive programme of activities for all students in the academy. The programme has the aim to create high educational and career aspirations for all students, whilst equipping them with the knowledge and skills that they will require to fulfil their potential and achieve their goals. The careers programme is varied and encourages students to consider a range of careers through investigation activities and through contact with employers. It is delivered through SPARK days, Assemblies, the academic curriculum and through the Tutor programme. These events are supported by employers, colleges and universities to increase student engagement.

Year Group Term 1 Activity Term 2 Activities Term 3 activities
7 SPARK 2- Ryman’s Enterprise Challenge Looking to the Future Assembly – how to find out about careers
8 SPARK 2 – decision making

SPARK 1 – Job families

Looking to the future assembly – how to select preferences

My Perfect University

SPARK 3 – Design and marketing

SPARK 4 – Labour market information

SPARK 5 – Careers guidance and advice

SPARK 6 – ‘A day in the life of’ – employer

9 SPARK 1 – Changing world of Work

SPARK 2 – Self-knowledge and determination

Looking to the future assembly – keeping options for the future open by working hard

SPARK 3 –‘ What can I do with…..’

SPARK 4 – Employment Law and Changing face of employment

SPARK 5 – Social and online branding

SPARK 6 – Rights and Laws

10 SPARK 1&2 – NG Healthcare – workplace experience Looking to the future assembly – keeping options for the future open by working hard

SPARK 4 – First edition – enterprise opportunity

SPARK 3&4 – NG Healthcare – workplace experience

NG Healthcare – workplace experience

SPARK 5&6 – Employability masterclasses

11 SPARK 1 – First edition programme – enterprise opportunity

SPARK 1– Post 16 Pathways – NULC

SPARK 2 – Post 16 Pathways – SSFC

Looking to the future assembly – ensuring college application meet your needs

SPARK 3 – Post 16 pathways – Stoke College

SPARK 4 – Employability Interviews

Year 11 students are involved in external examinations


Independent Careers Advice

All students receive independent and impartial careers guidance throughout their years at Trentham Academy. During Year 11 they attend an interview with a qualified careers advisor; this interview is conducted by Stoke-on-Trent Careers Service. The Governing body ensures that the school meets it commitment to providing independent careers advice and that a range of post 16 progression opportunities are presented to students.



Enrichment Visits

Students are offered enrichment opportunities to further support the careers programme. This list is continually updated:

Enrichment Opportunities for Students When Employer or Higher Education experienced Offered to
Science Olympics January Stoke Sixth Form College Small group of Year 10 students
White Water Writing Project March Local authors and Keele University Small group of Year 9 students
NG Healthcare work experience and appreciation of the healthcare sector Selected SPARK Days NG Healthcare All year 10 students
Cloud nine Maths Days Keele University Students aiming for grade 9 Maths
Geography A-level taster sessions November Stoke Sixth Form College All interested GCSE Geography students
Astrophysics Research Opportunity July Keele University All Year 10 students by application
Sixth form taster day July Stoke Sixth Form college All Year 10
National Citizenship Programme Launched October for Summer 2019 National Citizenship All Year 11
National Literacy Trust Projects including ‘Stoke Cookbook’ Various National Literacy Trust and their partners Various
‘The Big Read’ February 2019 The Sentinel and their partners All Year



Following each SPARK day, feedback is collected from students, staff and volunteers via Firefly. The feedback is used to improve the provision for future year groups and involves critical evaluation of all activities and resources. In addition, we now ask parents/carers for their feedback on the careers activities following SPARK days, and encourage you to discuss the activities with your children. Any feedback you would like to give throughout the year can be submitted via the form on Firefly

Post 16 Options

Students have opportunities to visit local colleges and universities in order to support their decisions regarding their studies post 16. A Careers Advisor also attends year 11 parents evening and will be available on results day in the summer term. The range of Post 16 options is made available to our students and they receive independent guidance form the careers advisor about which option would best meet their needs. Information relating to Post-16 options is available in the academy and representatives from Post-16 providers attend the academy during SPARK days and at other times.