Stoke RTC

To see our scheduled free courses held at Trentham Academy in Stoke on Trent please visit

The Regional Training Centre Programme was born back in 2005. It is a training programme for educators which provides free and easy access to Apple technology set in the right learning environment to ultimately transform teaching and learning outcomes. Trentham High School is part of the Apple Regional Centre Programme and is a perfect venue for the RTC.

The aim of the programme is to provide a safe, but familiar, environment for exploring the Apple Digital Learning Environment.  It’s about promoting creativity in the classroom, where teachers are introduced to media enhanced curriculum activities through the Apple technology, so the courses are curriculum rather than technology driven. The underlying theme of each training session is to understand how the technologies can be used cross curricular (not just in single subject areas) and how Apple is transforming the classroom as we know it.

RTCs are very much at the heart of Apple UK Education, the programme brings together a wide community of experienced educators and experts who provide free and easy access to Apple’s creative learning technologies through local learning-hubs.

Every RTC has unique skills, a different curriculum or subject focus but all share the same objectives:

  • To provide a focus on pedagogy, for sharing best practice and gaining skills
  • To introduce planned, effective, digital solutions to schools using Mac and iPad
  • To train teachers to use Apple’s tools and help enable active and transformative teaching within the classroom.
  • To support, enhance and transform teaching and learning outcomes

Please email if you are interested in working with us or have suggestions for courses that meet the needs of your school. A full timetable of courses and events will be  made available on this website in the near future.