Questions and Answers for New Starters

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How will I know where to go when I get to the Academy in September?
    Our Trentham Academy Prefects will meet you at the main entrances and make sure you know where to go.
When will I get my iPad?
    We expect iPads to be delivered towards the end of September.
Will I be with my friends?
    We have grouped friends together in tutor groups where possible but you will make many new friends and be able to see them during break times even if you are not in their tutor group or lesson.
There is only me coming from my Primary school. Is it just me in this position?
    Although two thirds of our new Year 7 students come from 3 primary schools this year, the other third come from 22 different primary schools! Many Year 7s are coming by themselves or with just one other person from their primary school. Form tutors will make sure everyone has chance to make new friends quickly.
Why do I have to have natural hair colour?
    We have created an ethos and culture that is built around high expectations and this includes a smart uniform. The uniform extends to the expectations of natural hair colours.
Do you meet the religious dietary needs of different faiths?
    Yes, our dining hall provides halal and vegetarian options daily
Do you offer Spanish?
    We currently offer French and German but our curriculum is continually under review to meet the needs of our students.
Do you have an official school bus system?
    Unfortunately, we do not operate a school bus.
How do you ensure a cohesive curriculum and opportunities to excel exist for all within the school, particularly any minority communities at Trentham Academy? How do you address subconscious bias in adults and children?
    We have a culturally diverse curriculum and our SPARK curriculum specifically teaches all students to respect other cultures, faiths and beliefs. Within our academy community we actively support community cohesion and work with Stoke City Council to educate our students to respect and promote cohesion between all communities through workshops, assemblies and PSHE activities, often led by visitors. Our PSHE and British Values pages contain more information. We celebrate iconic individuals from all faiths, cultures and backgrounds across the curriculum and our high expectations and opportunities are in place for all students.
What plans do you put in place to ensure the youngest year 7 students are not disadvantaged academically or in extra curricular activities?
    We are fully inclusive of all our chldren. We respond to the needs of our students on a case by case basis. Our curriculum is differentiated appropriately in all year groups for maximum progression and no students are disadvantaged by their age. Some students benefit from additional literacy and numeracy on arrival.
How will you ensure setting into ability groups is fair? Which subjects will you be setting Y7 in and when do you begin to place them into these ability sets?
    This year, all Year 7 students will be taught in mixed ability groups during the first term. During this time, our staff will be able to assess the students appropriately and ensure students are moved into the correct groups at a later date. We plan to be flexible on the timing of this since Covid-19 arrangements may impact the Autumn term.
How can I find out who else is in my tutor group?
    We cannot share information about other students so we would suggest contacting other parents and friends.
How will tutor groups work in September?
    Usually, tutor groups meet each day (except Wednesday) for tutor time with a focus on pastoral support; this will still happen in September. However, to allow for safe teaching bubbles and the assessment of new Year 7 students following school closures, they will also be taught the full curriculum in these groups during the Autumn term.