Students should always be properly prepared for lessons. They should have with them the correct books, pens, pencils and ruler in a pencil case, as well as the appropriate kit for PE, Performing Arts, Dance and Food lessons. Please bring PE kit even if excused from the lesson as the PE department will accommodate injured/ill students in lesson. Students should ensure that they have an appropriate size bag for their belongings. A small purse or handbag is not appropriate.

stationary image

The following equipment is essential for students to have in school on a daily basis, it will be checked regularly:

School Bag

IPad (Parents are reminded that students must bring their IPad to school every day and it should be fully charged)

A2L Record

Your pencil case will need a minimum of:

  • 3 or more black or blue pens for written work
  • 2  green pens for additional work and feedback
  • 2 or more pencils for graphs and other drawings
  • A set of coloured pencils or pens for more detailed diagrams
  • Gluestick
  • Scientific Calculator (see below for Mathematics recommendations)
  • Ruler, preferably 30cm and in good condition
  • Rubber
  • Highlighter pen
  • Protractor
  • Pencil sharpener


Calculators must be:

  • of a size suitable for use on the desk;
  • either battery or solar powered;
  • free of lids, cases and covers which have printed instructions or formulas.

The candidate is responsible for the following:

the calculator’s power supply; the calculator’s working condition;
clearing anything stored in the calculator.

Calculators must not:

  • be designed or adapted to offer any of these facilities:
    • language translators;
    • symbolic algebra manipulation;
    • symbolic differentiation or integration;
    • communication with other machines or the internet;
  • be borrowed from another candidate during an examination for any reason;
  • have retrievable information stored in them – this includes:
    • databanks;
    • dictionaries;
    • mathematical formulas;
    • text.

Some calculators that are suitable for GCSE examinations include:

  • Casio FX-83
  • Casio FX-85
  • Casio fx-991EX Classwiz
  • TI-84 Plus
  • TI-Nspire CX (NOT the CAS model)
  • Casio fx-CG50

Where students are without the required equipment, this will result in a written warning and the form tutor will contact home to try to resolve the issue. Stationary is available to purchase from the main academy office along with the following items:

Ties – £5

School Badges – £4

Replacement A2L Records – £2