Year 11 Leavers’ Assembly: 23rd June 2020

Time to reminisce about your time at Trentham Academy! Attendance at the Leavers’ Assembly is by invite only and is your chance to have your shirts signed, say your final farewells and take some all-important pictures with your friends. Don’t forget your shirt, sharpies and cameras on this day. Leavers’ hoodies will also be given out during this Assembly and we ask that you attend wearing smart clothing. We do also ask that all students arrive promptly for the Leavers’ Assembly and ask that they leave the Academy premises in a timely fashion so normal Academy duties can resume.

If you do have any good quality uniform you would like to donate back to the Academy on this day, it would be very much appreciated by other families within our community.

Year 11 Prom: Friday 26th June 2020

Attendance at the Prom is not a right but a privilege to attend this celebratory event and if any student gives the Academy cause for concern in advance of the evening, permission to attend may be withdrawn and payments made will be lost. It is essential all students who participate in the evening represent the Academy in a respectful and responsible manner throughout the year.

We do stock a number of pre-used and brand new prom dresses / suits and accessories at the Academy. If you would be interested in discussing this further, please contact Mrs Barlow or Mrs Emanuelli on the Academy phone number and arrangements can be made.

This is a fantastic evening of celebration for all who attend and really is one of the highlights of the academic year!