Welcome to our Virtual Induction

We have created a variety of videos to replace our induction evening. We hope this will give you all the information you need and allay any fears about the move to secondary education.

The videos replicate the presentations you would have received and include introductions from the key staff involved in the transition to Year 7. We have also produced a new tour of the academy so you can see inside the buildings and look forward to your child being here.

We would recommend the videos are watched in the order in which they are presented, but they will remain here for you to revisit throughout the summer. Please use the google form to submit questions, or use the trentham@trenthamacademy.co.uk email address for more complex queries. If, having viewed the induction resources, you would like a remote meeting with the senior team, please use the trentham@trenthamacademy.co.uk address to request an appointment.

Head Students’ Opening Welcome

Headteacher’s Welcome and Presentation

Deputy Headteacher’s Welcome

Tour of the Academy

Transition Coordinators’ Welcome

Progress Leaders’ welcome – Choose Apollo, Pioneer or Voyager to match your house postcard

Apollo: Miss Booton

Pioneer: Mr Moss

Voyager: Mr Rogalski

Listen to Students talk about their first few weeks at Trentham Academy

See our Senior Prefects

Senior Prefect 2020

See our Form Tutors

Trentham Academy Form Tutors

Head Students’ Closing Speech