easter egg hunt

Welcome to Trentham Academy’s Easter Scavenger Hunt.

Will you be the lucky person to win a lovely Easter egg?

Trentham Academy’s Transition Leaders wanted to provide a little bit of community spirit and “egg citement” during the Easter holidays, especially as we are still following certain restrictions.

As you wander around the local community and visit the local shops and businesses, look out for the Easter pictures in the windows. (Trentham and Hanford area)

Each picture will have the Trentham Academy badge in one corner and a letter in the other.

You will need to have the correct letter for the picture when submitting your answers.

We have created an answer sheet for you to print off and a clue sheet to help you find the pictures.

Example: Number 1, read the clue and find the shop/ business that has the picture of a basket in the window.

When you have found all the letters, you need to unscramble them to find the short message from the Transition Leaders (Two words), and submit your answer.

There are three schools participating. Ash Green, Priory and Trentham Academy. All correct answer sheets will be put into a draw. There will be a winner from each school.

Happy hunting. Please remember to submit your answers in the Google form below.

Good luck!

Mrs Shaw and Trentham’s Transition Leaders.

Please click on the link below to give us your answers so that we can enter you in our competition.

Trentham Academy Easter Scavenger Hunt

Download and print our Easter Scavenger Hunt Sheet by clicking here.




  1. Their products are not just for the upper CRUST but for everyone to enjoy their delicious baked delights. The Easter bunny likes a sweet treat.
  2. Where very young people (2-5yrs) go to set them up for the years ahead.
  3. There are a lot of bright bunches in here. The Easter bunny might write on a card too. (P & C)
  4. If you go down to the woods today, you’ll sure have a great sur-PIE-s.
  5. The Easter bunny might call here to make sure his posh car is working well for his deliveries.
  6. Hopefully there won’t be any seagulls pinching this takeaway food in Hanford.
  7. Smile! Show off your pearly whites. You might need to go here after eating your chocolate eggs.
  8. Don’t want to WINE, but get yourself here for a good buy.
  9. This used to be named after a board game. It is where you can buy a large variety of food, household items and much more. (look inside – community hub!)
  10. Hope that SIR LOIN doesn’t get the CHOP and the STEAKS are high for this Easter challenge.
  11. Yuri Gagarin was the first man in 1961 to be this.
  12. What’s black and white and READ all over? The Easter bunny comes here to get the news daily.