Exam Results

When will my results be released?

The GCSE examination results for this year will be available for collection on Friday, 27th August, 2021. The Academy will confirm arrangements for the collection of these results following the end of the examination period, however, our usual arrangements are detailed below:

The Academy will be open from 9am until 11am on this day. On arrival, please register with staff in the foyer and you will be asked to complete a form stating your intended Post 16 destination/ plans using your mobile device and a QR code. You will be given a leaflet that contains advice of any immediate help that is available, if you do not have a clear destination in mind. The Careers Advisor and Academy staff will be on hand to discuss any problems or advise on alternative destinations. You will then be escorted in to collect your results.

Family members are more than welcome to accompany you on this day but examination results may only be collected by you. A parent or representative must have written authority from you which needs to be shown to collect the results on your behalf, should you not be able to attend. If you wish for your results to be posted home, please supply a stamped addressed envelope before 9th July to the main office. Results will be posted on Friday 27th August; unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for any loss due to the postal system.  Any results not collected or posted on the day, will be kept in the Academy for you to collect at a later date. Please phone the Academy to make alternative arrangements.

If you do have any queries or questions, please come and speak to Mrs Wagg who will be more than happy to assist.


If you need post-results advice regarding your grades or future study, staff will be available on Results Day.


Post Results Services available to you are:-

  1. Clerical re-check of paper to ensure all clerical procedures leading to a results have been followed by the exam board;
  2. Post Results review of marking
  3. Access to a photocopy or original copy of your exam paper (charge applies)The deadlines for these services are usually not long after results day so if you are thinking about one of these please see the staff on results day quickly or contact your subject teacher or Mrs Shaw or Mrs Wagg as soon as possible.There is a charge for these services from the exam boards and you may be expected to pay.