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Please read this document for summer exam dates.   Exam Timetable 2019


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GCSE Pod is a source of free exam revision content to support our students in preparation for their GCSE exams.

Student’s subjects and units are broken down into small videos a couple of minutes long and students can use these videos to review the content and ideas that they have studied in lessons, at their own pace or use the videos to learn new ideas in preparation for upcoming lessons.

Students can stream or download the GCSE Pod videos through their own personal devices such as smartphones, iPads and iPods allowing students to be able to revise away from their desks and on-the-go. Students can also access the the videos on a laptop or desktop through their normal internet browser.

Currently Trentham Academy is in the top ten of GCSE Pod schools in the country and our year 11 students have already downloaded or streamed over 4,500 videos this academic year alone.

Students access GCSE Pod from Firefly and this will automatically log them into their GCSE Pod account. From here students can navigate to each subject, unit or individual lesson that they want to review or learn. They can view the video assignments that teachers have set them and complete follow up questions.

At Trentham we monitor the frequency and type of subjects students are revising over GCSE pod, using this to inform our discussions with students and helping us to develop our students’ independent study and revision skills.

We strongly encourage our students to use GCSE Pod as just one of many resources and certainly to use alongside revision guides and not as a replacement. Also we make clear to our students that GCSE Pod must be used in conjunction with active revision strategies (mind mapping, flash card creation, watch-test-check-repeat etc) and past exam question practice as opposed to passive revision.


GCSE Results Day: Thursday 22nd August 2019, 9am-11am


Information for Y11 students:

The GCSE examination results for this year will be available for collection on Thursday 22nd August 2019. The Academy has made the following arrangements for their collection.

The Academy will be open from 9am until 11am on this day. On arrival, please register with staff in the foyer and you will be asked to complete a destination card. This tells us your plans for Post 16 education. You will be given a leaflet that contains advice of any immediate help that is available if you do not have a clear destination in mind. Please hand this card in to staff, prior to receiving your results. The Careers Advisor and Academy staff will be on hand to discuss any problems or advise on alternative destinations.

Family members are more than welcome to accompany you on this day but examination results may only be collected by you. A parent or representative must have written authority from you which needs to be shown to collect the results on your behalf, should you not be able to attend. If you wish for your results to be posted home, please supply a stamped addressed envelope before 19th July to the main office. Results will be posted on Thursday 22nd August; unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for any loss due to the postal system.  Any results not collected or posted on the day, will be kept in the Academy for you to collect at a later date. Please phone the Academy to make alternative arrangements.

If you do have any queries or questions, please come and speak to Mrs Taylor who will be more than happy to assist.