Exam Information

Exam Information

Your child will be sitting mock examinations from Monday 2nd November to Tuesday 17th November. These exams provide an essential opportunity for students to familiarise themselves with the format of their final examinations, and give both them and their teachers a clear indication their likely performance in their final examinations.

Given the current uncertainty surrounding the final examinations, it is essential that your child regards these mocks as an opportunity to demonstrate their true potential.  We hope the final examinations will go ahead as planned but if this is disrupted, results from these mocks are likely to provide crucial evidence that informs any grades submitted by the academy to the exam boards to support results.mock timetable

mock timetable

mock timetable

It is important students complete these exams under the usual external examination regulations to ensure they are best prepared for their final exams next summer. As such the Academy will enforce these rules; it is therefore important that all students understand their importance and make every effort to comply. Non-compliance is treated very seriously by the examination boards and the Academy and could result in loss of grades.

It is part of the regulations policy that electronic equipment is not allowed in the examination hall even if it is switched off. We advise that students do not bring any mobile phones, iwatches, mp3 players etc. with them on examination days, but if this is unavoidable then all devices must be switched off before entering the examination hall and placed in the bags provided. Each device will be marked up and returned to them after the examination. Students who fail to hand in mobiles etc. are at a high risk of disqualification from the examination.  Students will be allowed to take their own calculators into the examination hall, but only if it is on the list of approved models. Please see the enclosed letter for further information – students who do not follow the enclosed instructions will not be allowed to take their calculator into the examination hall.  Digital watches are not allowed into the examination room and allwrist watches must be removed during the examination and placed on their examination desk.

Please ensure stationary is in a clear pencil case.  Water can be taken into examinations but must be in a clear bottle with no labels on the bottle.  Your child will need to come fully prepared for all their mock examinations with the correct equipment for each exam:

  • Black pens
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Rubber
  • Highlighters
  • Calculator
  • Maths equipment (Maths exam only)

Normal start times for examinations are 8:40am in the morning and 2:00pm in the afternoon (1:40pm on Wednesdays). Students need to present themselves in full uniform, 15 minutes before the start of each examination.  Any student who arrives less than 15 minutes before the start of the examination may find that they miss the beginning of their examination.

The canteen will be open from 8am during the mock examination period, exclusively for Year 11 to purchase breakfast if they wish.

Please support your child to complete the following activities in preparation for these examinations:

  1. Prepare a revision timetable.
  2. Ensure they are clear with what content will be covered in the exam for each subject.
  3. Identify areas of revision needing most attention.
  4. Use the resources provided or recommended by subject staff
  5. Ask friends and family to test them.
  6. Practise past exam questions in timed conditions.

Period 6 sessions will not take place from 2nd November to 20th November. Subject revision guides, where applicable, are available to order on School Gateway. If your child has any questions about their exams they should speak to the relevant subject teacher.

We find ourselves in unexpected times but we are keen to ensure the final year at school for your child operates in a manner that will enable them to achieve the very best outcomes. We look forward to working with you to achieve this over the coming weeks and months and wish your child every success in their mock examinations.

2021 Examination Timetable

The final GCSE examination period runs from Wednesday, 26th May to Friday, 2nd July, inclusive. The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) fix these dates for examinations and once finalised, cannot be changed.

Click here to see the provisional JCQ examination timetable for Summer 2021.