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Our Big Read Competition Winners


Charlotte M. – Dear Old Clare


There once was a woman named Clare

Who looked a little like a bear

She stared at the plaice

That laughed at her face

That little old woman named Clare



Charlotte P. – Gladiator Boy


There once was a boy from Troy

Who used a gladiator’s sword as a toy

He swung it like a bat

And accidentally whacked his cat

Screaming and shouting “Ahoy!”



Zack T. – Meating Pete


There once was a man I went to meet,

He only told me his name was Pete,

I went to his flat,

To see his pet cat,

Turns out for this cat, I was meat.



Aimee H. – Poor Benny Joe


There once was a old man called Benny Joe

One day he woke up and stubbed his toe

The turtle laughed with all her might

The toucan jumped full of fright

Benny’s toe was wearing a bow



Georgia P. – Tree Tile Topple


There was a man living in a tree

Who’d sit there all day with his bee

He’d sit there and smile

Making notes on a tile

Until someone chopped down the tree



Isobel C. – The Tasty Cake Saga


There was once a tasty cake

That I decided to bake

I gave it to my hungry dog

Who sat on a mouldy log

Eating my once tasty cake


The dog that ate my tasty cake

Then had a bad stomach-ache

She was sick on the new floor

So I got angry and swore

About the dog that ate my cake


Because of my dog’s stomach-ache

I eat shortbread at the new lake

I decide to bring her with me

And I give her lots of green tea

And make one last tasty cake



Oliver G. – The Dragon Adventure


There once was a dancing dragon

Who liked to ride in a wagon

It found something once

A penguin that honks

And his cape had a flag on


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