iPads @ Trentham Academy for New Year 7 in 2021

At Trentham Academy we are passionate about giving every student the best education possible. There is no doubt that digital technology continues to transform the workplace with 90% of jobs now requiring ICT skills. We have a responsibility to our students to equip them with the skills necessary to succeed in a 21st century workplace; to be digitally literate; to be able to think and work independently; to be able to problem-solve and to collaborate with one another. We believe that technology plays a crucial role in the classroom and in transforming the learning opportunities available to our students. Embracing the full potential of the use of IT encourages our whole community to become life-long learners.

The use of iPads by students on a one-to-one basis has the potential to:

• provide opportunities to enhance students’ overall learning experience
• give access to learning anywhere, anytime – both in classrooms and at home
• narrow the digital divide between students
• encourage students to become more independent in their learning
• personalise learning to suit individual students
• provide opportunities to create and share work.

We run a programme with our Apple affiliated partner (Sync) to provide access to technology on a one-to-one basis. The student iPad is an essential part of their equipment and is fully embraced in all parts of our teaching and learning provision across the curriculum. They are expected to bring it every day, fully charged.

Together with our Virtual Learning Environment, Firefly, the iPads provide access to a vast range of resources and students are also able to use them to organise themselves with homework, their timetable, reminders and revision prompts.

We offer a comprehensive scheme that allows you to purchase the iPad over 2 or 3 years, or in one outright payment.


Bringing your own device

Your child can bring their own iPad if you already have one at home, although due to new software features we will only allow iPad devices of iPad 5th Gen or later. This will ensure that the iPad device will be ‘up to speed’ for the next three years and enable our teachers to use new software features with all students.

The iPad will not be insured whilst at school. We recommend that you take out your own insurance.

Please use this google form to indicate whether you will join the scheme or bring your own iPad.

Google Form: Are you joining the scheme? 

Registering for the iPad Scheme

In order to be part of the iPad scheme we ask you to use this link to register. You will need the portal code sent to you in the email directing you to this site.

Google Form: Register here

Support with Payments

What happens if I can’t make the regular donations?

No student will be excluded from the scheme because of financial circumstances. Please advise us so we can ensure your son/daughter is included. We have secured funding for Pupil Premium students which will cover all costs for the iPad, case and insurance. If you think your son/daughter may be eligible, please contact the academy office or visit the Pupil Premium page by clicking here.

If needed – further information is available

If you do have any queries about the programme, please contact Mr W Barlow at wbarlow@trenthamacademy.co.uk who will be able to answer your questions or put you in touch with our Apple partner, GBM, if required.