Personal, Social, Health and Enterprise (PSHE)


At Trentham Academy, we believe in providing students with the skills and knowledge they need for a successful life in the modern world. Our Personal, Social, Health and Enterprise curriculum is provided through dedicated SPARK (Social and Personal Attitudes to Responsibility and Knowledge) days once every half term. In addition, our assembly and tutor time programme supports the pastoral care and education of our students and subject areas embed links into their teaching.


Trentham badgeStudents will consider social, moral, cultural and spiritual views surrounding aspects of modern life and will be taught the importance of British Values; these are Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty and Tolerance of other faiths and beliefs.


Our programme is based on the PSHE association’s Programme of Study; you can read a summary here ( PSHE Programme of Study ) and the full document here ( PSHE Education Programme of Study (Key stage 1-5) )


Below is an overview of our SPARK day structure. We inform parents/carers of our final arrangements in the week prior to SPARK day as some activities are subject to change. For example, we may need to adjust plans to meet the immediate needs of students or to accommodate our excellent range of outside speakers.

During the disruption caused by the Covid pandemic, we have provided remote resources for some of these topics and embedded more challenging PSHE topics into subject departments to ensure students receive the full PSHE provision this year


Spark Overview 2020-2021
SPARK Year 7
1 What is British Values? Positive Mindset Staying Active Knife Crime Diversity
2 RYMANS National Enterprise Challenge
3 Free your Feet Self-Awareness HIV awareness Age of responsibility Changing body
4 Self Esteem Bullying Emotional Health Complete health Political parties
5 E-Safety Sexual exploitation (consent) Democracy & Dictatorship Legal Highs / C Class drugs First Aid
6 Scotomas Community cohesion Smoking Personal Safety PCSO Feelings & emotions
SPARK Year 8
1  Likes and Dislikes/Job families  Positive mind Drug awareness General Positive relationship Periods
2 Decision making Influence of media on society Positive breakfast Road Safety Positive body + media influence
3 Choc/bar jobs into product Human rights Challenging Stereotypes First Aid Resilience
4 Investigating jobs and labour market information Sexual exploitation Unacceptable language Peer pressure (drugs) Community cohesion
5 Careers guidance and advice E-safety Revision Skills Emotional Coaching House Competition
6 My Perfect University – ALL SESSIONS
SPARK Year 9
1 Changing World of Work Neglect and abuse Underage pregnancy Sexual health human rights
2 Self-determination sexual exploitation FGM First Aid Human rights community cohesion
3 What can I do with? Mythbusting Road Safety Underage pregnancy Drug/Alo awareness SRE LA Health Team
4 Self-improvement as a learner e safety Parliament Personal Safety Employer Rights
5 investigating jobs and labour market Oral Hygiene House competition MIND (mental health awareness) Drug/Alcohol Awareness
6 Mock Election Mock Election Mock Election Mock Election Mock Election
SPARK Year 10
1 E-Safety Government Spending Body Image Revision Skills Alcohol
2 Credit and Debit Sex and Relationships Education Workshop Drug awareness General Mental Health  – coping strategies MIND BV – European Union
3 Careers – Helipad Careers – Helipad Careers – Helipad Careers – Helipad Careers – Helipad
4 Careeers – Visitor Careeers – Visitor Personal Safety – Passenger Safety Hate crime Staying Healthy – Exercise & food
5 Bereavement First Aid (Burns) Revision skills County Lines Rail/Road/Water safety
6 Know Your Bits Legal Highs LGBTQ+ Cosmetic Proceedures
SPARK Year 11
1 College Applications Revision skills MIND (suicide) E-safety Sex and Relationships Education
2 Domestic Abuse CV Writing Team Building Food Therapy Drugs Awareness
3 Intervention Subject Specific Intervention Subject Specific Intervention Subject Specific Intervention Subject Specific Intervention Subject Specific
4 NCS NCS Intervention Subject Specific Intervention Subject Specific Elevate
5 Revision Revision Revision Revision Revision


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