Mathematics Overview

The aim of the Mathematics Curriculum, is to ensure that all students that leave Trentham Academy are ‘numerate’ for the adult world.

All students study a 2.66-year KS3, and a 2.33-year KS4. The curriculum is delivered in a spiral format, with Year 7 developing and extending KS2 topics, and Y8 extending Y7 topics, etc. This allows for spaced practice and retrieval of key skills and knowledge. The scheme of work is planned so that topics feed into each other – supporting each other, and ensuring prior learning is recalled. The design of the mathematics curriculum also allows for mastery, before moving on to the next learning unit.

Sets 1 and 2 in each year group follow a scheme of work that is a stage higher than the others, to ensure they are stretched and challenged. All students are entered for the Edexcel GCSE Mathematics at the end of Year 11.

Students in Set 1 will study for and are given the opportunity to sit the exam for AQA Level 2 Further Mathematics.

Students in our lower set(s) follow a program of study including AQA Entry Level Certificate in Mathematics, to ensure they are ‘numerate’, and leave the academy with a mathematics qualification. These also then boost the ‘basic’ skills required at GCSE grade 1.

Problem solving is a key priority in our teaching and learning, to ensure that students can apply their mathematics and numeracy skills in real-life and abstract contexts.

Years 7-10 all have a full week of mathematics lesson time dedicated to Finance – with the aim of improving students understanding of money, credit/debit, pay-slips, tax etc – the real-world skills that they will need, not necessarily covered in GCSE Mathematics. These are linked in with our Academy SPARK days, and British Values.

Finance and real-world contexts, are linked to future career areas and are key aspects of our teaching and learning ethos in the mathematics department. Links with STEM careers is a priority, especially encouraging High-attaining girls into male-dominated STEM-based careers.

A variety of styles of teaching and learning will be used to make the topics enjoyable to the students. Students will have the opportunity to engage with the Stoke-on-Trent Mathematics Excellence Partnership and in addition to GCSE Mathematics students can opt to take qualifications in Further Maths and Statistics.

Through in-depth question level analysis and graded / staged topics, we are able to plan bespoke interventions for key groups of students, and track their progress over time, ensuring all achieve their potential, and leave Trentham as numerate and qualified for further education / careers as possible.

Where can Mathematics take me?

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Mathematics Department

Mrs L Gaggini – Subject Leader of Mathematics and Statistics

Mrs J Bloore – Second in Mathematics, Numeracy Across The Curriculum Coordinator

Mr B Goddard – Deputy Director of Maths & Data Director

Ms M Roberts – Lead Practitioner

Mr R Davies – Teacher of Mathematics

Mr B Brennan – Teacher of Mathematics

Miss N Hustwit – Teacher of Mathematics


Years 9, 10 & 11 GCSE Practice Paper

Y11 Maths Entry Level Cert

Maths Specification