Fine Art

Our creative curriculum has been developed and adapted to ensure students have the most hands on/practical experience within art and design subjects. Students have expressed a love and passion for practical aspects of projects, whether it be painting, working with clay or other mediums. We have adapted our ever-diverse curriculum to engage students of all ages and abilities. This supports students by helping them to build confidence, independence and resilience at a young age by developing opportunities for them to be creative, expressive and excited by visual arts.

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All students in Y7-8 have fine art lessons where they study a range of topics that will support them to build control and confidence with drawing skills. Students analyse the work of a range of artists related to the topic they are working on. Students develop skills with using digital art through use of iPad apps, while Art imageexploring creativity through a range of media, materials and processes.

At KS4, Students choose a topic of their choice and build a portfolio/sketchbook of evidence showing exploration of modern and contemporary artists, refining their own ideas to arrive at a final outcome, informed by all their planning and development work. Students who choose to study Fine Art at Key Stage 4 will use all of the skills and media techniques they have learned throughout KS3 and they are then encouraged to develop their own artistic style.

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Miss H Morrey –Subject Leader

Mrs L Hadgett – Assistant Headteacher

Mrs B Peake – Teacher

Miss A Booton – Teacher

Y 9 & 10 specification

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Where can Art take me?

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