Pre Apprenticeships

Pre apprenticeships at Trentham Academy

Trentham Academy offers a unique programme which gives young people the opportunity to test the world of work and in due course leads to apprenticeships in the field of their choice.

We have a great selection of business partners who are all extremely supportive of this programme and recognise the value in it. Many businesses are now looking to create these opportunities and pathways.

The pre apprenticeships prepare the students for levels 2 apprenticeship; creates pathways for level 3 and 4 apprenticeships in due course with the right business. It is beneficial for the student as there is a higher success rate with faster rates of promotion and pay rises. Students can also earn as they learn with access to a small bursary payment of up to £50 to cover expenses such as travel and lunch.

Students who undertake a pre apprenticeship, have a lower drop out rate as they are more prepared for the job and know what to expect from the role. Visit the business partners webpage to find out more.

For further information contact Charlotte Ainsworth by calling Trentham Academy on 01782 883200.