Curriculum 2019-2020

At Trentham Academy we pride ourselves on ensuring that all students are successful in their learning. In order to do this, we ensure our students have a broad and balanced curriculum which is relevant and in the best interest of our learners. We focus on supporting all students to make exceptional progress in all subjects that they are studying. Our curriculum focuses on high expectations of achievement for all; this is supported through the highly personalised teaching in the classroom.

The start of Year 7 marks an exciting phase in the lives of our students. It is the period when they build on their primary education. Once students reach Year 8 they begin to prepare for their preference choices, which are chosen in the Spring Term of Year 8. Our curriculum is designed so that students can master the knowledge and skills across a range of subjects as well as offer more flexibility, so that teachers can tailor their teaching to students’ specific needs and aspirations.

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum, focusing on the key skills required to access further study successfully and beyond into the world of work. Subjects available for study are: English, Mathematics, Science, Computer Science, History, Geography, Statistics, Enterprise, Dance, Engineering, PE, Music, Performing Arts, Art, Photography, French, German, 3D Design, Health and Social Care, Product Design and RE. Citizenship, British Values, SMSC, Careers and PSHE are taught throughout the curriculum and permeates everything we do within school, with specialist ‘SPARK’ days throughout the academic year.

Years 9, 10 and 11 offers the students the opportunity to build on their earlier learning and prepare for adult life, higher education and employment.

English, Maths, Science and RE remain compulsory and all students will continue to be taught Physical Education.

We offer an Ebacc Curriculum where students study English, Mathematics and Science alongside a Humanity (History or Geography) and/or a choice of Language.

Our extra-curricular offering is extensive and compliments and enriches the learning that takes place within lessons.

KS3 Curriculum Overview

The following subjects are taught across each year of Key Stage 3 (Year 7 and Year 8):

(Core) English, Maths and Science.

  • Art, Product Design, Food Technology, Computing, Religious Education, Physical Education, Geography, Music, Dance, Performing Arts, Languages – French and German (top sets), PSHE.


In the interest of a personalised, individual curriculum package, some students may be withdrawn from some non-core subjects to receive additional learning support.

KS4 Curriculum Overview

At Key Stage 4, students are guided to follow one of three curriculum pathways, enabling students of all abilities, aptitudes and interests to achieve and be highly successful.

For each pathway, students will follow both a core compulsory curriculum as well as selecting 3 or 4 preferences from a wide range of subjects (dependent on their pathway).

Students have the opportunity to select courses directly suited to their interests and aspirations which, in turn, promotes high standards of achievement.

Key Stage 4 Compulsory Curriculum

English Language

English Literature


Science Trilogy

Core PE

Core RE

PSHE/Financial Capability/Health

Key Stage 4 Option Subjects

GCSE Fine Art

GCSE Biology
GCSE Chemistry
GCSE Computer Science
Tech Award Performing Arts

BTEC Engineering

BTEC Music

GCSE French

GCSE Geography

GCSE German

GCSE History


OCR Cambridge National PE
GCSE Physics
GCSE Product Design

GCSE 3D Design


GCSE Photography

BTEC Health and Social Care

The curriculum at Trentham Academy is designed to meet and exceed the requirements of the National Curriculum. The school timetable is structured around 25 periods per week and 50 periods a fortnight across our two week timetable.

For further information relating to the curriculum please contact Ms V Taylor via the school office.