Careers Advice

Careers Advice

The career provision and work-related education is built in broad terms around the three aims of the Association for Careers Education and Guidance (ACEG) framework:

  • Developing yourself through career and work-related education (3 areas)
  • Learning about careers and the world of work (6 areas)
  • Developing your career management and employability skills (8 areas)

At Trentham Academy, careers is delivered through six SPARK days per academic year with the suggestion that there should be at least one hour of careers on each SPARK day per year group. Year 10 has the focus at the end of the year on colleges/universities and the world of work with a business and academic careers fair.  Year 11 has the focus on college/apprenticeship/ higher apprenticeship/university course, CV writing and readiness for the world after Trentham Academy.

All Year 11 students are offered the opportunity to have a one to one guidance interview with our school careers advisor.  Priority groups are also identified as potentially needing intensive support (FSM, SEN, PP students). To date 67 year 11 students have been seen. Students can self-refer or requests can be made by Form Tutors, Progress Leader and Coaches. Parents/Carers are also welcome to attend these appointments. Additionally, students have access to drop-in careers service sessions at break and lunchtimes.

The school’s Firefly virtual learning platform also has a careers page that is regularly updated, along with a careers notice board in Atlantis. The school website and form tutors are also sent college open days/evenings to circulate to students.

In addition to the SPARK day delivery, careers provision is also considered through the WRL lessons to years 10 and 11. A group of year 11s have been identified who have expressed an interest in apprenticeships and extensively supported them through the Nu-Futures programmes run by the Local Authority.

Careers Advisor

  • Careers drop-in Tues, Wed & Thursday breaktimes
  • Careers room located in Broadway

Mrs Whittingham – CLT Work Based Learning Advisor

  • Support and advice in regards to the work based learning post-16 provision at Trentham Academy September 2018.

Miss Ainsworth – Careers, Enterprise and Employability Co-ordinator

Miss Gardner – SLT link Careers, Enterprise and Employability

  • Trentham Academy