Wall of Fame

Our students have grown up in the digital age and we want to ensure their work is celebrated in a way that blends the accessibility and reach that the internet offers, with a tangible central display in their Academy building. With this in mind we created the Trentham Academy Wall of Fame.

The Wall of Fame is where we display the very best work, learning and creations of our students. Every subject area has a QR code that when scanned opens up the work of our students. Every half term we review the submissions from across the academy and decide which pieces best symbolise our motto of ‘Aspire, Endeavour, Achieve’. All work will be placed in the Wall of Fame Archive where it will remain as a legacy, documenting the brilliant achievements of our students.

Please see the links to the Wall of Fame pages below.

During the COVID-19 school closures our students have gone above and beyond what we expected of them and we are celebrating their amazing work here too:

Wall of Fame

Please scan the QR codes in the picture above to look at the student work that is currently displayed on the Wall of Fame or follow the link below to the home page.



Exceptional Student Work during school closures

Gemma Pedley

Sam Reeves

Dial 3 for Insanity


Dance students’ independent performance during the first lockdown



Rachel Sherlock

Joseph Orosun

Amy Smith

Zain Akram


Grace Gething-Murfin