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Special Educational Needs

At Trentham Academy we are committed to offering an inclusive education to ensure the best possible progress for all of our students whatever their needs or abilities.



“I’m just writing to show my appreciation for the time and effort given by the learning support team while A has been at Trentham Academy.

“He has been very well cared for by learning support team through out his time at Trentham Academy, even when he had been knocked down and was in a wheel chair for three weeks; nothing was too much trouble.

“We have seen A mature into a well mannered young man; this I’m sure is partly because of the mentoring that has taken place at the school. Not only has A felt supported but the family as well. Thanking you once again.”


SENCO: Michael Whittingham
Assistant SENCO: Alison Hopley
Strategic Lead for SEND in the City Learning Trust: Nathan Legg