Nicola Topley

Nicola Topley

Parent Governor

I was delighted to become a governor at the end of 2019, as a Mother who has a daughter in year 10 at Trentham Academy and as someone who has had a career steeped in education. I have a passionate belief that all young people in our community should have an excellent education and benefit from the opportunities this brings, both within the academic curriculum and enrichment opportunities.

I hope that I can use my career experiences, from starting as a Physical Education teacher in Cumbria, through school senior leadership to my current role in the Department for Education, to support the Academy to provide the best education possible for our children. As a Mum, I share every parents’ desire, that my children are successful and happy in their learning, so that they are prepared to take the opportunities that are presented to them. I hope that all our children have the confidence to pursue their passions, now and throughout their lives.

Away from work, most of my life is spent with my family; I am sure many of you are familiar with the parent taxi! We spend a lot of time at dancing or at a range of football, hockey or cricket grounds or outside walking the dogs. I am privileged to have been adopted by a fantastic group of people in Trentham community, most of whom are the parents of my children’s friends, when we moved here 15 years ago. It is a delight to watch my children grow with theirs, learning together and laughing together.