M Spooner

Maxine Spooner

Co-opted Governor

I have been a resident of Trentham for 12 years now and both of my children attend the school. I have seen many changes within the school, all of which I believe are progressive and with a focussed vision for the future.


I have been employed in various positions in the communications industry, which has led me to my current role as a Director of my own small business in communications. My previous role as a General Manager and Head of Operations at Fonehouse Business Ltd required me to conduct interviews with a view to employment, employee appraisals, reviewing and managing business processes and procedures and managing escalated issues for customers, business partners and staff.


I have a very liberal attitude that is inclusive of all sections of our ever changing society but at the same time I have a very high moral standard that is geared towards rules, compliance and hard work. I hope to bring all of these attributes to the my role as a governor.